The BEST things about our Open Air Photo Booth...
we can fit a dozen or more people in the shot!

All The Time

Do you want to throw a party where the guests are leaving early!?  Of course you dont! Its your party and we're gonna make damn sure that people remember it as the best night ever! The beauty of our open air booth is that you can fit as many as 15 people in the shot! You get that many people in the mix and things get a little crazy! As it should be! The PARTYbooth guarantees hours of fun and is sure to give em something to talk about long after you've hopped on a plane to an exotic location for a 2 week Honeymoon... heck, you may even score a few incriminating photos outta the deal which you can hang over the heads of anyone that goes cheap on your registry! Its a win/win!

  • 357
    # of photos taken on any given night
  • 489
    # of cocktails your guests consumed
  • 103
    # of times they laughed so hard they nearly pissed their pants

We exist to make sure your wedding party is the best ever and something your guests wont soon forget!


Sleek and Modern

Lets face it our booth looks good! It's sleek white design and modern touch screen will keep your event looking cutting edge.

Fit in all of your friends!

You heard it we can fit in up to 13 people in our open air booth. Maybe more if you want to try it so come one come all and get your party on!

You get all the digital files!

You get all the digital files, a cool signing book, and a link to an online gallery so you can share!

Prints or Video

Your guests can take a photo or leave you a video message.


Weekday Package

$ 450

  • 3 Hour Party Booth
  • Unlimited Prints, Props, Booth Attendant
  • All Digital Files, and an Online Gallery
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Weekend Package

$ 650

  • 4 Hour Party Booth
  • Props,Unlimited Prints, Signing Book
  • Booth Attendant, All Digital Files, and an Online Gallery
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Add On

$ 50

  • Additional Party Booth Hours
  • or Travel more than an hour from Temecula
  • $15 add on for additional hours of down time before the event.
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